Panorama 180 & 360°Photography

Tuesday, 23 September 2014 13:40

Panorama is referred to any type of photograph containing of a wide view. In 19th century when panorama was invented, the only way of building a panorama was piecing pictures together. In 1851 Martin Behrman took a few pictures of Rickon hill in San Francisco. It’s been said that the number of these pictures were 11 at first. Through these attached pictures we could have a whole view of hill so panorama was created this way.

Panorama is a type of picture which covers wider space than regular pictures do and is obtained by
piecing together (placing side by side) several regular pictures.

Variety of Panorama

1- Horizontal panorama which can be formed by piecing together several pictures end to end and can be printed on the paper.

2- Inner-cylinder panorama: this type of panorama is taken by rotating the camera 360⁰ horizontally and can be run in computers in mov format by Quick Time software in a way that if proceeded horizontally, all parts of the picture can be viewed as if you stay fixed and turn around so that you can see all around yourself.

3- Spherical panorama which is the most advanced type of panoramic photography is similar to type two with one difference that in this type the picture is not limited to only horizontal dimension but you can see the vertical dimension too which means you can see all angels of your environment. This type of panorama is made in flash and mov format and even can be converted to virtual net format.

The number of pictures required for panoramic photo depends on the focal point. The greater focal point is (greater grandiosity and smaller view angel) the smaller part of the scene can be fit in one image therefore more images are needed.

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