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Plants | Manufactures, Industrial photography is a branch of industrial photography and combination of architectural photography who totally show hole complex and assets. In this field, the photographer attempts to choose a suitable angle in order to record a high-quality, beautiful picture of the subjects in which all the features of the items can be seen. Industrial plants photography plays an important role in the process of designing advertising campaigns.

In this respect, the professional team of the Photography and Design Studio provides unique services to the customers.

In 1884 George Eastman invented the roll film which is a gelatin emulsion coated plastic film and also by inventing the low-cost box camera made the photography possible for ordinary people and revolutionized photography. The Kodak Company advertising slogan for its cameras was” You Press the Button, We Do the Rest”.

Industrial Plants PhotographyIndustrial Plants Photography

Industrial PhotographyIndustrial Plants Photography

Edwin Land invented a type of analog instant camera, called Polaroid Camera, which created a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture, and the picture was available after a minute and in newer models after a few seconds. Digital image was evolved during human Moon landing. The sensors of analog signals had difficulty with receiving the information sent from the space. By digitizing and amplifying the signals, parasites were eliminated and transparent image was obtained.

Manufacture Manufacture | Industrial Photography

Manufacture Manufacture | Industrial Photography

Manufacture Manufacture | Industrial Photography

Introduction of photography and prevalence of various photography methods in Iran had happened three years after its invention in France. Various Inventions, instruments and equipment of photography were presented to king of Iran.

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