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Today in addition to moving into the book editing and paginating services, designing emblems and letters, animations, publishing and media, bulletin and poster and designing for commodity packaging and official papers, which all are considered as main activity fields in this domain, the introduction of graphic design to TV and cinema world has led to its application in titling movies, TV programmes, animation, different types of captions, book designing, landmark and alphabet designing, imagination, publication and media designing, and this evolution and diversity has caused the need for a newer definition of this vast realm.

the rapid change in modern aspects and dimensions annihilates the universality of previous definitions. Notwithstanding, it can be indicated that the fundamental basics of this art which is inscription, script and duplication, still form the main three elements that generally distinguish graphics from other arts.

Visual connection in its widest meaning is rooted in history. It goes back to the time when man hunted for sustenance and applies a flower to the feet of an animal, was closely perceiving a graphical masterpiece. He was glancing at the animal with his/her mind’s eye. Therefore, graphics has had a very close association with human life for a long time and its presence is still obvious.

Naming only a number of these fields which constitutes graphic design or a part of it, can gracefully imply that artist designer today communicates with other people and with their environment by the language of graphics. He/she sets up a type of public connectivity and cooperation, informs, merchandises, warns, inscribes his/her identity, educates, narrates, represents diverse ideas and finally beautifies his/her environment and surrounding objects and make them look more interesting.

The art group of the Conceptive Design Studio consists of experienced people who use their technical knowledge and skill to create a better image of the industry.