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Panel based brochures have their pages folded one over the other and in the end they are put at the audience’s disposal in the form of a set of folded pages. The main feature of these brochures is having no need of binding the pages together. Their binding is done by folding lines.

The number of pages and the site where the brochure is presented are among the determining factors in choosing the folding style. Brochures with small number of pages presented in exhibitions are released in tri-fold templates.

In fold based brochures, the page layout is similar to books or publications. The main difference between the fold based and tri-fold template is that in the form-based pages next to each other cannot been seen all together in one glance and the pages are not attached to each other. However, in the tri-fold template, it is possible to see half of the pages in the brochure in one glance.

If each fold opens in the opposite direction to its adjacent panel or “back and forth” folds, it is called accordion or Z-fold brochure template. In this kind of brochures the panels have the same width.

Fold Design

If the panels are folded over each other, it is called tri-fold or letter fold. The three panels do not have the same width. Actually to avoid forming an arc, each panel is made of a slightly different width.

Fold Design Fold Design | TMU - University

Apart from the two templates mentioned above, there are other inventive ways of folding which might be a combination of other templates.

Fold Design Fold Design | Behsazan Co. - Construction

Slip-case brochures are those with covers built in the form of a folder and their inner pages are prepared separately and then placed inside the cover or the same folder.
The cover in slip-case brochures can be made of a thicker paper than the contained pages. Since the content pages and the cover are not connected, if there should be a need for placing new content, this would be easily possible.

Fold Design Fold Design | Kiachem Co. - Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Fold Design Guide

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